Awesome Content Ideas to Introduce Your New Brand on Instagram

Instagram’s popularity among marketers and brand owners continues to grow. To gain traction, they must stand out on Instagram and differentiate themselves from the millions of visual, dynamic posts shared on the platform. 

With content ideas being such an important part of brands’ social media efforts, here are 5 awesome content ideas to introduce your new brand on Instagram.

1. Provide Teasers

While curiosity may sometimes kill the cat, it also piques interest and attention. Suspense marketing is useful and effective for social media marketing as well. Instead of creating clickbait or gimmicks for your audience, it’s about creating engaging content to grab their attention. For instance, providing teasers before launching your brand to build anticipation.

Yello’s Teaser post for their rebrand.

Take a look at Yello’s new rebrand teaser. Although it’s not a new brand launch, it’s worth taking note of their awesome copywriting techniques in their caption. One key thing in the teaser post is to mention the launch date so your audience would know when to anticipate the changes or new launches.

2. Give meaning to your brand

Yello’s Rebrand rationale.

As you’re launching your new brand, it is crucial to explain the rationale behind your brand name. Whether you’re using an existing word or creating a new one, there has to be a reason for using it as your brand name. Hence, take your time explaining the backstory of your brand. Some of the questions that could help guide you to prepare this content are:

  • What is the meaning of your brand name?
  • What does it represent/symbolise?
  • How does it connect and reflect what your products do?
  • Why is your brand logo designed in this particular way?
Chub’s branding rationale.

Alternatively, an IG story is another engaging way to tell your brand story. Be sure to save it into your highlights so the other users and followers could have a look too.

Banana Skin’s Podcast and Episodes’ cover rationale.

Everyone likes a good story. Using the story-telling method to illustrate your brand story could provide your audience with a comparatively more immersive experience and engagement. In turn, you will be able to create a deeper, more genuine and real connection with them. As consumer behaviours have evolved, brands that engage in humanlike relationships with consumers could foster higher brand loyalty.

Here are more blogs about the brand names:

3. State your brand mission & values

Future Noodle’s Brand Mission.

After stating your brand name rationale, the next thing you want to inform your audience is your brand mission and values. Brand mission indicates the purpose of your brand and helps create an emotional connection with your audience. Whereas brand values are what your company and brand stand for and your core belief.

In the 21st Century, consumers don’t just look for good products, as they also seek emotional connection from the brands that have aligned values with them. That’s why it is important to showcase your brand’s mission and values when you’re introducing a new brand.

The 2020 Consumer Culture Report shows that a whopping 71% of consumers prefer to buy from companies that have aligned values with them. In short, brand values can be a powerful competitive advantage that shows why consumers would choose your brand over the alternatives.

4. Show them who’s behind the brand

A way to humanize your brand is to show the faces behind the brand. This means introducing your employees to the audience. It can happen in various kinds of creative ways. 

Some examples are:

  • Shooting behind-the-scenes reels
  • Having a simple interview with your employees
  • Having them choose their favourite products from your brand
Handmade Heroes’ adorable IG Reels.

In this way, not only do you get to engage with your customers in a friendly way, you could show your appreciation to your employees as well. This kind of creative content shows customers that your brand is down-to-earth, fun and adorable.

5. A reminder of the launch date

Now you have posted all of those to engage and let your audience know more about your brand. Don’t forget to remind them about your brand launch date. Occasionally publishing count-down posts could help keep your brand on your audience’s minds.

In conclusion, these content ideas do not require a lot of technical skills to execute. The key thing is to get real and authentic with your audience to build a genuine relationship with them. However, if brainstorming, planning, curating and managing your brand’s social platforms are too much for you, a digital agency is always a good choice to reach out to. After all, they are the experts in this field.

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