7 Unique Budget-friendly Giveaways for Social Media Campaigns

Are you looking for some creative and unique ideas for your next social media giveaway? 

If so, you’ve come to the right place! In this blog post, we’ll share 7 unique budget-friendly giveaways for social media campaigns. We hope that these ideas will inspire you to create a truly creative and successful social media campaign for your business!

1. Your own product

First and foremost, the easiest, most cost and time-effective kinds of stuff to give away to your audience are your own products. This often works with B2C brands that sell products. In this way, you’ll be able to increase your brand awareness through participants who aren’t initially your customers. Everyone likes free stuff and a challenge. So, it is possible for someone to randomly came across your giveaway post and decide to join in the fun. And if they won the prize and like it, they might continuously purchase from you. 

For instance, Amazin’ Graze held a giveaway contest on their birthday and offer their own food products as prizes. 

Amazin’ Graze

2. Discount on your services / Free One-time service

Well, even if you provide services instead of products, you could still engage in social media giveaways! Consumers love discounts or free services, so they would be motivated to participate. Moreover, you could also collaborate with other brands to provide an even more notable prize for them.

Take HerbaLine as an example. They launched a social media contest in July and gave away a one-time free facial treatment worth RM286.00.


Another great giveaway idea is festival or seasonal-related. This kind of festive campaign and giveaway is versatile and can be used by almost all kinds of businesses and brands. We, as humans, celebrate festivals as a society anyways. Hence, one way or another, there would definitely be a community that could relate to the kind of festive campaign that your brand launched. 

Likewise, festivals are the season of joy, bonding and showing appreciation. So, it is an ideal time to show your compassion to your loyal customers. CUBEevo is a perfect example of how a design agency gives back to the Chinese community by launching their first-ever Chinese New Year Red Packet Giveaway Contest.

Next, executing a giveaway campaign that is closely related to societal issues and news is a noble way to show your concern and care. If you have opted to incorporate this type of giveaway campaign in your marketing plan, then you’ll have to look at the issues from the public’s point of view. What do they need? How could you help them?

In midst of the Covid-19, two things that we still couldn’t live without are face masks and hand sanitisers. The Little Sketch Shop is an example that provides custom-made washable face masks as their giveaway prize. This prize shows their customers how thoughtful, caring and personal they are. 

The Little Sketch Shop

5. Branded items

Branded items can be any generic items that we commonly used on a daily basis such as tote bags, t-shirts, caps, key chains, enamel pins and pouches. This idea is suitable for companies that are either B2B or providing spaces instead of services or products. As an example, Co-labs Coworking collaborated with Stickerrific in April to organize their tote bag giveaway. Paired with simple and aesthetic visuals as well as their own special brand logos, the tote bag is suitable to be used every day. Not to mention the minimal and neutral design that appeals to both men and women.

Co-labs Coworking

6. Digital gifts

Other than physical gifts, you could also give away digital gifts to your audience. When compared, they are easier to produce and suitable for everyone. This is because if you are going to gift physical items like tote bags and face masks, you’ll have to go through the tedious process of sourcing designers and suppliers to assist you. However, with digital gifts like phone wallpaper, gift cards and coupons, you’ll get to cut down your time and effort needed. 

For instance, in line with World Environment and Ocean Days, CUBEevo had decided to give away environmental and ocean-theme phone wallpapers.

7. Shareable items

Lastly, digital sticker packs like Whatsapp and Telegram stickers are unique and creative giveaway ideas. Firstly, these stickers get to help you show your true colours to your audience – your brand personality, voice and mascot. It helps you to get up close and personal with your customers because they are able to relate to and use those sticker emojis in various situations. 

Secondly, as these stickers are highly shareable items, they could help increase your brand awareness. After downloading the sticker packs, the users would definitely want to use them in their daily conversation texts with their families, friends or colleagues. In this way, your stickers get to spread to a wide audience of users.

Twinkle Brand Creator & Goodyear Malaysia

In conclusion, the biggest benefit of these unique giveaways is their ability to help companies increase brand awareness. By taking advantage of these unique giveaways, companies are able to gain the attention of current and prospective customers.

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