10 Excellent Follow-up Emails for Cold & Warm Leads

Not many succeed at the first attempt, less at the first Email a Marketer sent out. This is why Follow-up Emails are crucial and inevitable. 

Nonetheless, there are different kinds of Follow-up Email Templates for different types of situations and leads. Here are 10 excellent follow-up emails for cold and warm leads.

Cold Leads

Cold leads are those who you’ve never contacted before. Therefore, it is common for them to not reply to your first email. However, don’t be discouraged! Actively following up with them gives you the chance to win them back.

1. Appreciate their interest

If you’re using Email Automation software like Salesblink or Sales Rock, you’ll be able to track statistics such as open and click rate. Well, when you notice there are some prospects who open and click your email but do not complete the CTA, you could send them a follow-up email to appreciate their interest in you. 

Hey [name]

I noticed that you’ve opened the email I sent and check out our website. But I never heard back from you.

I was simply wondering if these actions mean you’re interested in learning more about our [products/services]? 

Please let me know if you wish to know more, we could schedule a call this week or next.

Book an appointment here.

Thank you and have a nice day!

2. Give Compliments

Everyone likes a good compliment. However, it doesn’t mean fake praises just to butter up your prospects. Instead, provide them with genuine, appropriate and relevant compliments. 

For instance, you may congratulate your prospect on their recent achievements, milestones or as simple as their valuable thought-leadership posts on Linkedin. This way, your prospects would feel appreciated and will be more willing to reply.

Hello [name]

I saw your post on Linkedin about [topic] and I really like it. I think it is very insightful and helpful for [industry/business]. It opens up a new perspective for me.

Our company, [your company name] has published some articles on [topic] too and I would like to share them with you.


Let me know if you find them helpful. Would be happy if we could have a short chat on [topic].

Thank you.

3. Value-added

Ideally, every Follow-up Email you send to your prospects should be meaningful and value-added.

Hello [name]

I know that you’re busy managing your team and might overlook my last email. However, I’d like to send you some resources that I thought would be useful for you. Here is an article on [topic & link]. 

Would you have time for a chat on [date & time]? Let me know your preferred time, we can work around your schedule.

Thank you.

4. Freebies

When your prospects didn’t respond to your emails, one of the reasons can be because your offerings are not attractive enough. In this case, it is worth the shot to follow up with freebies such as discounts, free consultation and more.

Hello [name]

Did you miss our email? Then you may have forgotten to check out our goodies for you! 😊

We are giving away free 30 minutes consultation on [services] this month. 

Still feeling hesitant? Got questions about [services]?

Book your free consultation with us here [insert calendar link].

We’re looking forward to seeing you!

5. Break up

Break up emails are normally the last follow up email you’ll send. More than often, this kind of email works better than the others. When you have sent more than 4 emails but did not receive any response from a cold lead, it is suitable to follow up with a short and direct breakup email with a simple CTA.

Hello [name]

Hope everything goes well at your side. 😊

Since I haven’t heard back from you, I assume that you may not be interested and I’ll be closing your file.

Just give me a 1, 2, or 3 —

1. Please leave me alone!

2. I’m interested, but it’s not a good time. Email me again in a month.

3. I’m interested, let’s talk!


Warm Lead

Warm leads are prospects who you have prior contact with, whether they’ve shown interest in your services or product, you have had a meeting with them, or they have already converted into your clients.

1. Post Event / Meeting

Generally, for a post-meeting email, you should follow up on your prospect within 24 hours of the event. For starters, you should show your appreciation for the time given. Next, proceed to give them a short recap of the meeting’s key messages and points so that both of you are on the same page. If you’ve promised them you’ll send them your company’s details and portfolio, be sure to fulfil it.

Hello [name]

Thank you for joining in the meeting with us this morning. We appreciate your time given.

Here is a short recap of the meeting:

[key points]

As promised, attached here are some of our portfolios for you to go through. 

Feel free to reach out to us should you have any concerns or questions. We’re here to help.

Thank you

2. Informative

Sharing your thought-leadership insights, wisdom and tips is a great way to relate with your clients. You could position yourself as a valuable resource or advisor in their eyes.

Hi [name]

It’s likely that you’re dealing with [business painpoint]. So, I thought of sharing a quick tip many of our clients found helpful. 

[insert some ebooks / PPT]

We have more ideas for improving your business. Let me know if you’re interested to hear more.

Thank you

3. Welcome email

If your prospect has shown interest in your services or products, send them a Welcome/Thank you email to welcome them abroad. In this email, include the next step of the process so they could get the gist of your sales workflow.

Hello [name]

Warm greetings from [your company]! I’m [your name] and thank you so much for approaching us!

We’ve just received your inquiry on [service/product] and we’re happy to assist you. It would be great if we could arrange an E-meeting to guide you through and further discuss this. 

Let us know your available time and we’ll have a chat!

Thank you.

4. Checking in

Usually, many businesses sell their products and then leave their customers to it. Have you ever thought that they may need your support and guidance on how the products work?

This “Checking in” email is to delight and surprise your customers. A short and sweet follow up with them could actually give a good impression on them and convert them into your advocators. This move also tells your clients and customers that you care about them.

Hello [name]

Just checking in to see how you’re doing with our [services/products]?

If you have encountered any issues, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Thank you.

5. Survey

The last type of Follow-up Email you can send to your clients is a Survey email to ask them about their opinions, comments or feedback on your services/products.

Hi [name]

We’d like to hear about your experience with our [product/service] to help us to serve you better in the future.

[Insert survey questions, ratings]

Thank you so much for your answers. We truly appreciate your time and effort.

In conclusion, follow-up emails are the best way to drive leads to engage. Use these tips to make sure any response from the cold or warm lead gets the necessary attention.

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